Current Residents:

Log into your resident portal to report any maintenance requests or issues. Once your request has been submitted you will be contacted with notification of the date/time the repair will be completed. You are responsible for ensuring that all other roommates know the date/time that maintenance will be entering your town home to make requested repairs. All maintenance requests must be reported on the resident portal.


after business hours, including holidays and weekends. Call the office at 330-688-2247. You will be directed to a number to call for an emergency. Please remember your call to the emergency pager MUST be an emergency. The emergency pager is a voice pager and for that reason you MUST leave a message with your phone number for the call to be returned.

EMERGENCIES are defined as: water pipes busted, hot water tank leaking, window broken (both panes), heat not working in winter time. NOT EMERGENCY: washer/dryer not working, light not working, toilet stopped up. The best rule to apply is – can it wait until the next business day. If ever in doubt, call and we will return your call and let you know if it is an emergency or can wait till the next business day.